Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol

Fluorescent Lights, Microwaves and Alcohol


Fluorescent Lights


Fluorescent lights are not good for us because they are not comprised of a natural spectrum of light. The light is bluer, and the frequencies of light are not balanced. On top of that, fluorescent light is not continuous light; it flickers at a rate of the AC current – at 50 cycles per second, fast enough that we do not really notice. Even if we don’t notice the flickering, our eyes somehow sense it and have to constantly adapt to low- and high- intensity light. In the end, after a few hours, the eyes may become tired and strained. Our energy may be drained, and we don’t usually even realize why.

If at all possible, avoid fluorescent lights. If not, take walks on your breaks, basking in the natural light to compensate and give your eyes a rest. In no case install fluorescent lights in your home. If fluorescent lights are in your house when you move in, it is suggested that you replace them as soon as you can.

Microwave Ovens


Many studies show that food heated in microwave ovens loses nutritive properties very fast. Microwaves cook through a process of radiation. They might save you time, but they will harm your health. In this kind of oven, the food and water changes the structure in such a way that it becomes unhealthy.

Microwave ovens also emit radiation up to a few feet around. When your microwave is in use, always maintain a healthy distance of at least a few feet. Use them as little as possible.

Excessive Alcohol


Alcohol is more or less toxic. The body can properly deal with small amounts of alcohol, if the body and the liver are healthy, but when it becomes more than a drink a day, it can become unhealthy.

Occasional drinks are fine, but daily drinks are not. I strongly believe that we should take breaks in just about anything we do every now and then, and this includes occasional drinking. Everything must be done in moderation.

It is important to note that hard liquor is more dangerous than beer and wine and should be avoided.

If you are prone to drinking either more frequently or more quantity than other people, it is even more important to take vitamins, especially B1 and B complex, as alcohol depletes them from the body. Alcohol also contributes to multiplication of candida; those who are battling yeast infections of any kind should avoid alcohol altogether.

Alcohol addiction is strong and requires professional, medical, and mental treatment just like any drug addiction, especially since alcoholics can be potentially dangerous to themselves and others. Alcohol destroys families all over the world. It is a major issue in our society. Young people are using alcohol early on, and even teenagers get drunk, never considering the consequences this destructive habit will have on their health in the future. Alcohol is available all over the world and is a serious problem for all of civilization.


Chapter Summary


  • Fluorescent lights are not a natural source of light and should be avoided.
  • While under medical supervision minimize prescription drugs.
  • Avoid OTC drugs.
  • Microwaving robs food of its quality.
  • Use alcohol in moderation, for special occasions only, if at all.
  • Alcohol and drug addiction require professional help.