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“I have experienced remarkable benefits personally with energy and vitality, and I have taken supplements of all kinds for nearly 20 years. Yours have produced incredible results for me with my exercise, daily energy and mental sharpness.”



Important Note 

The Power Source One formula has been proven to work for every single body type and person. It will work for you as well!
Power Source One is not a gimmick. It is not an illegal substance. It is completely safe! It will not harm your body.
If anything, this will increase your body’s response and vitality.


“I felt horrible every morning and now I am fine. People are noticing how much a difference those vitamins are making. I felt like doing dives."



“My wife and I have literally Never felt better, and we have used a lot of different supplements and “super food” products from all of the MLMs and many natural food distributors. These are truly unique.”



“Power Source One did wonders, I love them. If I don’t take them I really feel it. Thank you so much, you have no idea of the difference. I feel so much better.”



“There are very few products in my life that I liked like Power Source One!”



“Power Source One is fantastic: I no longer feel dragged out, helpless and defeated. What a feeling!”



I’ve had no migraines since I started on the vitamins, that’s terrific in itself. Those are fantastic and I love them. They have helped immensely.


"I feel the difference when I don’t take them."  


“I feel great taking these vitamins. I am a person who has difficulty waking up and getting motivated, and since I started these, I am actually getting out of bed easier in the morning and not feeling like I need that afternoon nap.”



Here below is a GREAT, longer but a great testimonial

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I was a real medical challenge and was facing the immediate possibility of two major operations.

When I first saw you my energy level was at an all time low and it was a real struggle getting through each day. It seemed that no matter what medication or supplements I tried I was not improving but rather felt like I was deteriorating physically and my mobility was a challenge due to my  pain and shortness of breath. It was becoming a real effort getting through each day.

You recommended Power Source One. I must say that after about a week to ten days of your recommended dose of 8 capsules per day I felt my energy level change dramatically!!!

I now no longer feel dragged out, helpless, old or defeated or waiting for death to claim me. I know that I will carry all my medical baggage but I now feel energized enough to cope with these medical conditions.

In addition to my energy level changing for the better, excruciating and disabling arthritic pain in my knees, feet and other joints has diminished substantially and I am hopeful that the pain continues to subside with the use of Power Source One and the other supplements that you recommended.

Happily, since Power Source One was introduced into my system I am once again able to putter around the house doing manual jobs, including climbing a ten foot ladder to install decorative lights around our lanai and pool area. I can assure you that I haven’t been able to do that in many years and it feels so good and encouraging! Man what a feeling!!

Yes, of course, I am aware of my physical limits brought on by age and disease but Power Source One has energized my system and I no longer feel that hopeless feeling that death is just around the corner. I have always been a naturally optimistic person but I must say that I was starting to wear down.

I no longer feel that hopelessness that comes with constant pain and the struggle and limits that accompany it.

In conclusion, Dr Pop, I would like to thank you for the years of research that you obviously put into the developement of Power Source One.

Although I have only been on Power Source One for approximately three months, its energizing effects, thus far, is obvious to me and greatly appreciated. I am hopeful and confident that this will continue.

Finally, since I am a realist, I would say that in the future I expect to have good days and bad days but thanks to Power Source One I am anticipating more good ones than bad ones.

Thank you for returning quality of life to me that has eluded me for many years.”

Robert F.



“It gives me energy in spite of other problems I am having.
This is keeping me alive. Without it I am not able to function!”


Robert  F.

“I get all my energy from this, I feel 20 years younger.”


“I can’t believe the difference that I feel!”


“I noticed a remarkable difference. My young people can’t keep up with me. I am a pastor. I work 60 hrs a week and I have more energy than a 30 year old!”


“We are moving all the time but feel calm and centered. We now accomplish more… We were sluggish but now we are improved and full of good energy. Our memory is better and sharper.”


"I don’t think I had a cold since I started on it 3 years ago. My husband is 93 and I am 85 years old."  


Before I started them I had absolutely no energy, just exhausted at slightest bit and after I feel fantastic life is


PSO : I ran out of vitamins and felt like a bag of smashed bottles. These things are fantastic: Soon after I started your vitamins again I am well, I am not sweaty, clammy or feel tired anymore. Fantastic stuff!


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